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In 2012 I used a similar questionnaire to complete my dissertation on the impact of Social Media for my BA (Hons) in Business Studies. I would like to continue this research as it proved so valuable and to do so would like to request 10 minutes of your time to complete 12 questions around your businesses social media use.  Whether you deem yourself a social media expert or novice I would love to hear how you use social networks.

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* Question 1: Which social networking site do you use for your business? Tick all that apply.

Question 2: Please select the statement which explains how you have set up your business account. Tick all that apply.

Question 3: If you have set your business account up differently to the options please give details

* Question 4: How many people do you employ?

* Question 5: In one sentence, please tell me about your business - what do you sell/provide?

* Question 6: Please tell me about your businesses social media marketing efforts - what do you do on social networks?

* Question 7: How would you rate the impact your social media marketing efforts have had on your business?

Question 8: If you answered \'minimal impact\', \'some impact\' or \'large impact\' to the previous question, what has your social media marketing impact looked like? What changes has it made to your business?

* Question 9: How long have you been using social networks for marketing your business?

* Question 10: Are your social media marketing efforts linked with other marketing materials? Tick all that apply.

* Question 11: Do you have a social media marketing strategy?

Question 12: If you are happy to be contacted with any follow up questions please add your details below, if you would prefer not to be contacted please leave the box blank. These details will nbot be used for Evolve Business Developments to create business leads and you will not be contacted about anything other than this research. If you would like to discuss how Evolve Business Developments can help with your social media needs, contact Karen on 07730525349, or via Twitter @EvolveBD

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