Case Study – Hales and Coultas Plumbing & Ashbridge Roofing – Ongo Partnership

A lesson in creating content to reach more customers.

Hales and Coultas Plumbing and Ashbridge Roofing – Ongo Partnership Ltd.

Hales and Coultas Plumbing and Ashbridge Roofing wanted to be better at using social media to boost business. The companies are both members of the Ongo Partnership. They asked Evolve BD to show how they could use social media to sell their businesses.

Initial Meeting

Ongo Partnership Ltd is the largest housing provider in North Lincolnshire. Its Commercial Director Lee Coulson introduced the two companies to Karen. She telephoned Michelle Mills, General Manager of Hales and Coultas Plumbing, to find out more.

Michelle said: “Karen contacted me to set up the training and just to give me a brief overview courses would cover. She wanted to find out what we wanted to get out of it so she could tailor the courses to what we needed. At that point we had Facebook LinkedIn page, but we were not using them that much. Ashbridge Roofing were just in the process of setting up their social media pages and were not using them at all.


Karen set up two training sessions — one on using Facebook and the other for LinkedIn. Karen showed the staff:

  • How to create engaging content.
  • How to boost adverts to reach more people.
  • How to analyse data.
  • And how to create a schedule of posts.

Michelle said: “Karen’s sessions were really good and really informative. Not being that great on social media myself I did find it really useful because where I was struggling was what content to put in posts and I wasn’t aware of boosting posts and targeting certain areas. After the first sessions I did try boosting a post so I could see the difference it had. Karen also showed us how to analyse all the data so we could see who the ads were targeting, who was most interested, and which areas they were in.”

Karen said: “I was pleased to help two local companies learn how to use social media to reach their target market and reach more customers. I wanted to help them feel more confident in posting content which will generate and increase traffic.”


The staff at Hales and Coultas Plumbing and Ashbridge Roofing are now more confident at using Facebook and LinkedIn. The number of followers they have has grown, and their posts are getting more likes and shares.

Michelle said: “We’ve now got a schedule set up for when we can post and for what we can post depending on the seasonality and we’re posting more regularly. We’re getting more likes, and more people following us and sharing our posts — it has helped. And we now know more about the content we should use, and how to use pictures to get more people to click on our posts and follow the links to our website.

“Karen is really good at understanding what you need and taking her time to explain everything. When you’ve really not had much to do with social media you do need everything explaining really simply and she’s really good at doing that.”

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