Case Study – Jason Threadgold Funeral Director

Jason Threadgold Funeral Directors is a family-run firm which prides itself on the friendly and caring support it gives. Always being there, keeping in touch and on hand, is important to the business and a value they place great emphasis on.

So, when Coronavirus took the UK into lockdown and limited the face to face contact they could have with families they were helping, owners Jason and Nichola Threadgold took the opportunity to look at different ways they could share their information, explain what they do and show how they could support families across northern Lincolnshire.  

Believing Facebook might be an option for them, but unsure how to approach it in the right way, Nichola asked Karen for help. 

Initial meeting

“I have known Karen for quite a while and had previously attended some of her network events, so I knew the work she did,” said Nichola.

“We felt that we wanted to keep up-to-date with modern business and communication techniques, but we were very aware of the sensitive and personal nature of our work too. It was tricky for us to understand how we could navigate social media platforms in a professional and considerate way.”

Karen met with Nichola to learn what they were hoping to gain from social media and understand the sensitivities about their business and the services they provide. This helped her develop a basic social media strategy, starting with Facebook as the preferred platform.


Karen provided one to one coaching to Nichola, explaining the process of setting up a Facebook page, navigating her around the functions and helping her develop ideas for different types of content which will engage with their audience and shine a light on their business and its role in the local community.  


In the first three months, the business has grown a following of over 400 people and attracted many positive reviews.

“Karen’s support has been fantastic. She has given me the confidence to push buttons, understand the type of content we should be posting and work out how best to promote what we do. Her expertise was invaluable,” added Nichola.

“I have the added reassurance that she is always there if I need her.”

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