Video Calling Apps to Use

During the CoronaVirus lockdown which Video apps can you use to stay in touch

We’re seeing a lot of posts from people asking which app’s to use for group video calls so we thought we’d give you a rundown of our favourites.

✔️ Facebook Messenger – If you’re wanting to chat to family and friends who you’re already connected with on Facebook use this great option for video calls. Add the people you want to speak to to a group and then click the camera button in the top right corner and you’re away!!! You can add silly filters by clicking on your photo and you can add up to 50 people at once!!!

✔️ Whatsapp …. Find the group of people you want to call. Click on the phone in the top corner and then tap the people you want to video call. You can have up to 4 people at once in a call.

✔️ Facetime … if you have an iphone or ipad open the Facetime app, click on the + in the top right hand corner and add who you want to chat to. Again there’s filters to play with and you can go up to 32 people!!

✔️ Zoom … you may have heard this one being banded about as everyone is jumping on it for work group meetings. It works nicely for inviting people you might not know personally to a meeting via a URL invite. You can allow up to 1000 partipants at once and have 49 video screen.

✔️ Skype … again another good one and been around for an age. Up to 50 people at once can join a video chat. They can also be recorded so if you’re doing something you need evidencing for work this could be a good option.

So before you start downloading an app you’ve never used before why not use the app’s you’re already using or you already have on your phone.

Hope that helps …. Happy Video calling everyone!!!

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