Case Study – Advice North Lincs

Social Media Training results

Boost to online presence of local government project

Advice North Lincs is a government project based in Scunthorpe. They work with local organisations to help them provide advice, advocacy and support services for the residents of North Lincolnshire. They help organisations work together to improve access to the services and improve people’s overall experiences.

Before working with Advice North Links, they didn’t really have much of an online presence.

There wasn’t much awareness of the project and their services locally, but they didn’t really have the confidence and skills within the team to raise their profile using social media marketing.

A performance target for the project was based on unique visitors to their website. But that skills gap in the team meant getting new visitors would be tricky.

It was clear that staff were highly skilled in advice and guidance. But not so much in using social media confidently and effectively.

So here’s what we did…

We worked closely with the wonderful Lucy Stephenson at Advice North Lincs to figure out exactly what her team needed to help raise their profile and achieve the unique visitor target.

So we designed training workshops specifically to focus on those skills gaps. This included Twitter, Advanced Twitter and LinkedIn training.

The training was more than how to use Twitter and LinkedIn – it focused on how to use it with a purpose to achieve their aims and interact with local people.

They immediately began using Twitter and LinkedIn with confidence, raising awareness of the project, and interacting with organisations and locals.

From the moment Advice North Lincs started using social media the unique visitors to their website shot up – they surpassed their unique visitor target by 50%.

We also worked with Westcliffe Advice Centre and Scunthorpe Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) for 1:1 social media training. But the staff there also wanted to feel more confident when designing promotional materials too.

So we set to work, creating a bespoke training workshop focused around the skills needed to design promotional materials that really engage with their audience.

Carers Support Centre got straight to it and designed their own Twitter Logo and other material to be shared with both staff and service users alike.

They people at Advice North Lincs were a great team to work with, and it’s clear now that they have the skills and the confidence to raise awareness of the services they provide to the local community.

How their training benefited them:

  • Increased traffic to the project website
  • Raised awareness of the projects locally and regionally
  • Social media posts focussed on strategy and audience
  • Confidence within the team to engage with social media
  • Stronger relationship with other organisations


 “The training by Evolve Social Media was excellent. Karen herself was absolutely amazing – her skills to deliver the training and manage the large numbers of people in the room are brilliant.

“One of team, Az, actually commented that Karen was the best trainer he’d ever worked with, and the general feedback from everyone involved was excellent.

 “Not only has our number of website visitors skyrocketed, but we’ve also managed to hook up with a number of other large organisations as a direct result of our presence on social media.”

– Lucy Stephenson, Joint Project Manager at Advice North Lincs