Case Study – Hornsbys



Hornsby’s Travel Services Ltd.

To reach new and existing customers more effectively Hornsby’s knew social media was the answer, but time and experience were the sticking points that led them to approach Evolve BD.

Initial Meeting

Scunthorpe-based Hornsby’s Travel Services operates local buses, coach hire, and trips. Believing traditional newspaper advertising and brochures were becoming outdated and expensive, the company was keen to improve its social media presence and activity, without taking on a new employee. Chloe Hornsby, Director and office manager, felt her attempts at regular posting were proving too time-consuming, and her social media skills were lacking. “It was taking up a significant amount of my time, and I’m not familiar with social media. We didn’t want to go down the avenue of having someone employed to do it, so we looked to Karen,” said Chloe.

Chloe and Nick Hornsby, managing director, already knew Karen and approached her to run their Social Media as they sought to connect with new and existing customers.


Once a month Karen becomes part of the team at Hornsby’s where she spends the day planning and putting the company’s social media strategy in place for the coming month, using Hornsby’s preferred social media channels – Facebook and Twitter. She organises activity and adverts on Facebook, arranges Hornsby’s Twitter feed for the month ahead, and sets up two Mail Chimp campaigns for each month.


Social media has given Hornsby’s a new and valuable opportunity to connect with customers and find a new and younger audience. Through Facebook and Twitter people can find out and discuss what Hornsby’s has to offer, and make a booking, without picking up the telephone or a brochure. And Hornsby’s has found it easier to measure now many people it is engaging through social media than it did with traditional advertising.

Chloe said Evolve Business Developments has helped save money which they would have been spending on newspaper adverts and has meant it does not have to create a new post for an employee to do social media.

Chloe said: “Through Facebook we have the ability to talk to people we wouldn’t be able to ordinarily. We’re having interest from younger people who find social media more accessible than looking in the newspaper or having to ring up to order a brochure, and it’s saved us time and money allowing us to access a lot more people.”


Chloe said: “Having Karen to do our social media means I can spend more time on the business. It’s given me such a release because it’s taken so much pressure from me. It also means we haven’t had to employ someone who is only doing social media, and at any point I can say to Karen if it’s not worth our while anymore. Karen offers such a reasonable price, she comes in and she does the job – she lives and breathes social media – it’s second nature to her – everything she does is productive. And she integrates so well with the business, it’s a joy having her around.”

Copy for Evolve Business Development. By Joanna Woodhouse, Freelance Writer