Case Study – Red Hall Lincoln

Red Hall Lincoln

When Red Hall Lincoln required some assistance in their social media marketing, they turned to Evolved BD.

Initial Meeting

Lindsey Blaydes and Yvette Karan of Red Hall Lincoln, a wellness centre that inspires people to get up and go, showing the importance of living life with passion, love and understanding, met Karen Locking of Evolve BD some years ago. They had never experienced any social media training and found that their posting was sporadic and rarely seen. Lindsey and Yvette felt it was important to have some assistance in order to move their business forward, and knew Karen was the person to help.


Karen spent a day with Yvette and Lindsey, who analysed all of Red Hall Lincoln’s social media accounts and gave an in-depth report of what was working, what wasn’t and why. Yvette said: “Karen displayed her knowledge of marketing excellently and we gained lots of tips along the way. After discussing our current social media efforts, Karen gave some training in the areas we needed and wanted most. In the afternoon she showed us how it is done by creating and scheduling posts to go out on our main Twitter and Facebook accounts. We were amazed by how much we learnt in one day and how quickly she could create content specifically tailored for our business.


Since the session, Red Hall Lincoln has seen a greater level of success in their social media efforts, seeing a dramatic increase in both engagement and reach after just one day. Yvette said: “The session was very informative, valuable and fun. We continue to use what Karen taught us and our understanding is growing all the time.

“We would highly recommend Karen, I am sure that many businesses will find themselves in a situation where they may believe that their social media is doing well but it is highly worthwhile getting an expert to overview it for you. It’s not always about the amount of followers or likes you have, but how to convert these to build your business is something Karen is well versed in.”