Case Study – Scunthorpe Samaritans

Well January was my first month of working with a charity on their social media and the first month went to the Scunthorpe Samaritans. This case study will highlight ways Evolve Business Developments worked with the team to give you an idea of what activities could happen for your business. Results from the activity will be ongoing and this post will be reviewed as and when relevant.

Initial Conversations

To establish how Evolve Business Developments could work with Scunthorpe Samaritans discussions took place between the branch publicity officer, a keen volunteer and Karen Locking. Support had already been given to the volunteer who runs the Facebook page to ensure they were utilising this network effectively so the focus for the two days support was given to Twitter and LinkedIn. The discussion established the publicity officer required a LinkedIn profile and training to support it’s use, the volunteer was on LinkedIn, however, was unsure if their profile supported them and their role effectively, and the Twitter account required more content to ensure it is posting regularly even when the volunteers were completing other roles.


LinkedIn activity took place with the branch publicity officer. A LinkedIn account was created during a one-to-one session and following this creation we undertook training to ensure it could be used . This training was specific to the needs of the officer and linked to how it will be used to create awareness of the branch.

A LinkedIn assessment took place remotely for the other volunteer, this assessment gave examples of what to change on their LinkedIn profile to ensure it was optimised and supporting their current employment and their role as a volunteer. This action plan ensures they can make the amendments in their own time and appreciate why the changes will help.

Twitter activity for the charity was intermittent due to the account being run by a volunteer with a full time job elsewhere. Working for the charity Evolve Business Developments created content that would enable the account to be up and running throughout the day and night ensuring that anyone needing the account or wanting to know about the good work they do could access it at any time. Training was then given to the volunteer with Twitter responsibility to ensure they knew how to use a well know Social Media dashboard to schedule and use these tweets.


As with all social media changes they will take time to establish, followers and interaction on the Twitter account has increased due to the regular tweets now being sent from the account, and as volunteers are just that, volunteers, results from other accounts will take that bit longer to be seen. This case study will be updated when noteable events are reported back.


“Karen his highly effective, well organised and has a wealth of expertise and knowledge across all social media platforms. She combines these attributes with a friendly, helpful and personable manner that puts people at ease.  Karen’s support of Scunthorpe Samaritans came at just right time, as we embarked upon our 50th anniversary year and decided to move our public awareness up a gear, with the increased use of social media. She provided some great ideas that have really helped us.”