Charities and Social Media – We want to help!

Those of you who know me personally know I like to do something for charity at least once a year and I like to change charities just to make sure I feel I’m spreading my time and donations.

Well after listening to Kate Hardcastle at the Mercury Expo in November 2013 it got me thinking how my time with Evolve can help charities. Kate’s team spend a day a week helping charities for free. The benefits for the charities and her staff  have been unbelievable. Charities are benefiting from having a working team assisting them and the team are benefiting as the skills are different to working with other businesses.

So I made the decision that as I am working for Evolve full time from January 2014 I would dedicate two days of time each month to a charity who approached me for any Social Media assistance. This could training, set up, strategy creation, content creation … anything they needed that would help their charity make the most of the free Social networks that are available to them. I can’t wait!

So far I have a selection of charities already secured up until May and this first month I’m working with the Scunthorpe Samaritans assisting there fundraising manager to use LinkedIn, creating Tweets for their twitter account and running a LinkedIn assessment for another member of the charity.

If you’re a charity and feel you’d like some assistance with your Social Media please get in touch.