And it begins – November 2012


  • The process of developing.
  • The gradual development of something, esp. from a simple to a more complex form.
  • To develop or achieve gradually: evolve a style of one’s own.
  • To work (something) out; devise

This blogs contract to you!

This blog will be representative of Evolve Business Developments and will give an insight into how I, Karen, would work with you!

It will evolve and adapt with the demands of you the reader/client, the blog will take on board feedback, it will seek advice from experts in different areas, and will look at current and existing trends in the market place others may be interested in.

Flexibility will be key; don’t expect a blog entry at 8pm every Wednesday because this will definitely not take place. However do expect a blog entry when there is something relevant to say that will be of use or interest to you.

Do expect a personal touch to the entries and expect few words with over eight letters (the standard amount of letters I believe in before surely it’s just excessive:)

And last but by no means least, please expect the assumption you know your business better than I ever could. I will coach, advice and discuss business sectors within this blog but I am not an expert in that field so please feel encouraged to feedback. I am however creative, imaginative and passionate in my fields of expertise, this will come through in this blog – and this is also where we can work together!

Evolve Business Developments looks forward to connecting with you xx