How to increase followers on Twitter

Do you use Twitter for your business? Do you think about how you can increase your followers on the site? It’s something I’m constantly asked about so I thought I’d cover it to give you an idea of my thoughts.

Let’s start with why you would want to increase your Twitter followers? The more followers you have the more people will see your tweets, the more opportunity you have for retweets and the more engagement you wil have. If you’re distributing the correct content (information that’s valuable to others) in turn you will have more traffic to your account which will ultimately increasing orders or clients in turn, dependent upon your business.

To increase your followers on Twitter work though these hints

  1. Does your bio state who you are and what your company is about? Is your image reflecting your brand and does it appear friendly and approachable yet professional?
  2. Do you advertise your Twitter handle at your events, in your shop, over the phone, on your website? Do you include it on any publications? You need to ensure that you connect them all back to your social media platforms. This will make customers and clients aware that you have a presence on Twitter and will generate followers.
  3. You have limited characters to get your information across on Twitter. If you can embed links to your website into your Tweets, This way you can put key information into the tweet along with a link to your website in which people can then find further information and increase your website traffic.
  4. Get involved in on-line networking hours – speak to people who are online at the same time, follow some of them – don’t expect them to follow you just because you’re talking, some people like others to make the first move!
  5. Engage with people on Twitter. Reply to other businesses tweets, talk with them, ensure that people can see you are a real person and not just out to promote your business. Retweet tweets that may be of interest to your followers and people will do the same for you. Engage in follow Friday (#FF) and recommend trusted people that you work or engage with and people will return the favour.
  6. Use hashtags when tweeting. This makes it easier for people when they are trying to find accounts of interest and looking around Twitter. If you have used hashtags that a user has searched for your tweet will appear and direct people to your account. Where possible and relevant get involved with hashtags that are trending, this will keep your account current and, again, increase your exposure.

I’ve got some new followers, now what …. 

Just because they’ve followed doesn’t mean they’re going to stay. You’ve got to keep them interested, keep your account kept up to date and tweet about relevant things that are interesting to your followers as this will entice new followers to you.

If people follow you that you feel may be of interest to you or your business follow them back. Businesses will be encouraged in the fact that you have followed them back as they are only trying to do that same thing as you and increase their business following.

Please, please, please acknowledge all new followers. Even if it is a simple ‘Hello, How’s things,’ this ensure’s your new followers feel valued and starts the opportunity for a conversation. Engaging with new accounts is always good as you are fresh in their minds as they have recently followed you, if they have any queries or questions they are more likely to ask if you engage with them first. It also shows that you are approachable and customer focused which looks good to potential customers.

Well we hope these have helped, if they have let us know, if you have hints and tips you’d like to add as they’ve worked for you let us know. Tweet us @evolvebd and if you would like any further information as to how we can help you and you business please get in touch.