Case Study – Financial Services

I’ve been working with a leading local business in the financial services industry. They’ve respectfully asked to be kept anonymous for this case study.

Initial Conversations

Initial conversations linked to training a key member of their team to utilise Facebook and Twitter but through discussions with their Managing Director we established they wanted to understand how Social Media could help them strategically and looking at other networks available and how they could measure the results.


Following proposals prepared specifically for the client we agreed a timeline that would meet their needs. Initially we held a Social Media strategy workshop where we established what they needed from Social Media, how the results would be measured and what the desired results were and much more. This strategy was finalised by Evolve Business Developments and ensured all conversations were captured ensuring the starting point for the business was captured and agreed. Following this practical activities took place. LinkedIn assessments were conducted for five key members of the team ensuring they were promoting the business on the site. Training also began for key members of the team covering Facebook and Twitter. Staff were left to implement the action plans and action points from the training were the responsibility of the delegate – this was at the request of the client. Due to the busy workload of the team the LinkedIn assessments had not taken place so Evolve Business Developments went back onsite and worked through the action plans with each individual. Refresher sessions were also arranged for the staff managing Facebook & Twitter giving the opportunity for follow up questions linked to their activity.


During the results session we found the business has increased its traffic to their website specifically linked to their LinkedIn & Twitter activity. A key member of their team has reported a number of new potential clients for the business linked specifically to their Social media activity following their training and working with Evolve. Only time will tell before they are linking with the company as clients.


“Since we began working with Evolve our social media presence has increased and as a result of acting upon the training we received our website is now getting 4 times more traffic. This has resulted in more potential new clients contacting us. Having now worked on a social media strategic plan  the marketing of the business and reaching out to potential clients is much easier. Thank you Evolve for making the training so enjoyable.”