Case Study – Lindsey Lodge

As part of the 2014 charity drive Lindsey Lodge asked me if I would support them with their social media and I was more than happy to help.  Lindsey Lodge is an independent charity which needs to raise over 1.4m every year to enable them to provide a daycare unit with specialised nursing and medical care for up to 14 patients daily.

Initial Conversations

Initial conversations explained the charity is already using a multiple of Social Networks but they wanted to ensure their team was aware of all the main sites and the potential the sites had for the charity. I was asked to pull together a session based on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest to make sure the charity had a good overview of all the sites available to them.


A half day workshop for seven members of the charity took place and the six main networks were covered.  The team had the opportunity to ask questions and interact throughout the training and we discussed ways each network would and could enhance their social media presence. We discussed what they were currently doing on the sites and ways they could improve their activity for optimum results. We also covered content management and what they should say on the sites to generate engagement.


Some members of the training openly admitted they were not interested in social media or clued up on the sites at the beginning of the session.  By the end all were engaged and saw the benefits it could bring to the charity and to them personally.  A few of the delegates signed up to Pinterest specifically when they got home.


“The session was informative and thought provoking with lots of positives.  Our challenge is to ensure that we make the most of the opportunities open to us.  Knowing that someone like you is around to support our work on behalf of hospice patients is invaluable.”

Mel Banham Head of Fundraising at Lindsey Lodge