Facebook Permissions – Don’t get caught out

I’ve have just finished working with a lovely local client who rang explaining she required a Facebook page for her hairdressing boutique, from this experience a blog post comes to light to advise you in the hope you are not bitten as she unfortunately had been!! Iona, owner of Crowning Glory, has agreed for the information on this blog to be shared.

So …. what happened!

Before going to meet Iona, as always, I did my homework, what was already available about her business on the Internet, who was she etc etc? To my surprise and I found a Facebook Page already for her business, I attended the meeting slightly confused assuming I’d got the inital conversations wrong some how.

During this meeting we confirmed the business did already have a Facebook Page which up until a few months ago was quite active, however, Iona no longer had access to it. The page was created by an ex-employee who had since left the business and took the Facebook page rights with them!!!

How had this happened?

As the employee had created the page for Iona the now exemployee had automatically received the Facebook admin role of “Manager”. This admin role allows the individual to manage admin roles, send messages and create posts as the Page, create adverts and view insights.

The important part of this access right was the ability to manage admin roles. When everything was rosey at the salon both the now ex-employee and Iona had the same manager admin role. However, when the employee left they had the authority to manage the admin roles for everyone who had access to the page …. and they removed Iona’s access rights entirely leaving her and no-one else from the business any way of accessing the page, it’s information or the likes already created!!!

Iona had contacted Facebook and tried to retrieve the Facebook page but to no avail so had got in touch with myself to set her up a new page.

So what are Facebook Page Access rights

They are as follows:

  • Manager – Keep this for the page’s owner. Ideally only one individual would have this admin role unless you are in a very secure partnership. This role can manage admin roles, send messages and create posts as the Page, create adverts and view insights.
  • Content Creator –  Can edit the Page, send messages and create posts as the Page, create adverts and view insights.
  • Moderator – Can respond to and delete comments on the Page, send messages as the Page, create adverts and view insights.
  • Advertiser – Can create adverts and view insights
  • Insights Analysis – Can view insights

If you are giving access to employees seriously consider what level of access you would like them to have and the implications this could have on your business if employees change. Also consider what training the individuals have on using Facebook and what agreements you have with these team members about what you deem is and isn’t appropriate!

A happy ending

Working with Iona she now has a fully functioning Facebook page (Already at over 50 likes in under a week!!!), we have secured her advertising URL (www.facebook.com/CrowningG – Crowning Glory was already taken by a heavy metal band?!?!?) and we have ensured the old page has been deleted so there is no possiblity of the ex employee posting as the business.

Through training with myself Iona is now aware how access may be given to her team members to ensure they are integrated with the Facebook marketing, however, ensuring she will always have the ultimate manager access and will never be caught short again

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To check out Iona’s new Facebook page take a look at www.facebook.com/CrowningG