How Social Media has worked for Studio 55

The fourth part of this series of “How to mess up your Social Media” is Inappropriate posting times

With the introduction of  the internet at the end of our hands with fabulous smart phones some individuals and businesses seem to have forgotten their basic social skills. Whether this is playing on Twitter whilst having a family meal (I saw this in the pub last week, no-one talking but all on their iPhones!!) or posting hugely personal information on Facebook, the oversharing culture has caught on for some internet users and in turn Social Media users.

So is there an inappropriate time to post on Social Media …… the answer ….. YES!!!

Considering your environment, situation and the impact of your post on others will give you an idea as to whether you should be broadcasting your thoughts and views via Social Media.

An example of posting inappropriately comes from America. A three year old boy was killed by a motorist whilst waiting for an ice-cream  in Colorado. The local community were devastated and local newspaper Rocky Mountain News were covering the story ensuring members of the public were kept informed of any information. But they went one step further and dispatched a journalist to cover the funeral for their Twitter feed!!!

The resulting stream of tweets – described every stage of the service, from the sobbing of relatives to the lowering of the coffin in to the ground – make for truly uncomfortable inappropriate reading. There is a cold detachment to the messages, caused, no doubt, by the need to condense an emotionally charged event in to 140-character messages.

This example demonstrates that even in today’s society, where make-ups, breaks-ups and the ramblings of daily life are shared through social-networking sites, some things should never, ever be “live blogged”.

My top tips on when it is inappropriate to broadcast using Social Media (just incase your Social media activity has taken over all your brain cells)

  • During highly sensitive events – Funerals, legal proceedings etc … consider the impact of your posts being read later, your current emotions and the impact of short snappy tweets or posts.
  • Before a deal or contract is agreed or ready to be disclosed . DO NOT broadcast about working in partnership with people if what you’re currently doing is having a chat and exploring potentials.
  • When you haven’t been paid by a company. This recently happened (Click here) with an English typist broadcasting on Twitter that she hadn’t been paid by an overseas firm. She is now facing a libel suit.

Please feel free to leave your comments below …. As always if you need a hand with your social media, or want to chat through your current your arrangements get in touch with me Karen, on 07730525349, via twitter @EvolveBD or via email