Social Media Week

I’ve just returned from my yearly two whole weeks without the Internet and just sun, sea, sand and the residents local “water” … this year the local water was tequila! Mexico was fun!! But now I’m back and I’m straight back into the world of the Internet and as much as I enjoy my time away I enjoy my cyber time too.

This week is Social Media Week so before I went away the planning began to establish what I could do to be involved. As I don’t live in any of the cities verified to run a formal event I decided to run some online blogs  from some fabulous people dedicated specifically to Social Media. This is not an official event but I don’t see why we can’t get in the swing of things!

Some very kind people have agreed to write blogs to educate, inspire, share and entertain you linked to anything Social Media related. So enjoy this weeks blogs, let myself and the authors know your thoughts are and take a look at the Social Media Week website (link above) as they have lots of online events you can watch and participate in from the comfort of your chair … what more could you ask for!

Karen x