Top 10 tips for engaging on Social Media


Yes we know it’s all part of daily life now – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube videos and so on – everyone’s doing it and if you’re not, then people think there must be something wrong with you!  But how many of us really know what we’re doing?  And surely there’s more to learn for those of us who think we’re a dab hand at it by now?!!

I have put together my favourite top tips to guide you through the quagmire. As always, let me know your thoughts!

  1. Remember the clue is in the title with social media – it’s social!  Talk to people, engage with them, say thank you, get to know them.
  2. Don’t just write updates and send tweets about special offers.  It’s NOT great to “sell” on social media platforms.  It’s about building relationships.
  3. Be valuable.  If you’re not saying anything of value to your likers or followers, they will leave the conversation and you’ve lost them forever.  Remember it’s not about you!
  4. Always use capital letters at the beginning of each new word when using a hashtag on Twitter.  It makes it easier to read #JustLikeThis
  5. Your LinkedIn account is effectively your online profile.  If it’s half completed, doesn’t have your contact information or has an unprofessional photo, consider the impact this could be having.
  6. Be consistent.  Don’t just start tweeting madly for a month, then forget about it for 6 months.  That would be a waste of time, no-one would remember you and no-one would follow you.  Even if you decide you will tweet 3 times a week, stick to it, and plan it into your weekly routine
  7. Don’t forget your manners.  If someone shares your status or retweets your information – then say thank you!  If someone follows you or connects with you – say hello! It’s not rocket science and those first impressions can last a long, long time.
  8. Think about your social media strategy.  Why are you, or a member of your team, spending time on social media?  What’s the point? What do you want to see happen in your business?  Increased awareness?  New leads?
  9. Do some research.  Know the best days and times to post for your industry and target market.
  10. Integrate your social media onto and into everything!  Your products, your business cards, your emails, your signs, your venues, your uniforms, EVERYTHING. How do you expect people to join the conversation if you don’t tell them you’re there?

So …. what are your hints and tips. Share below!